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Bonomo Turkish Taffy: America’s Favorite Old-Fashioned Candy

If you’re like a lot of Baby Boomers, you have a relentless craving for all things vintage … vintage cars, vintage music and vintage movies, to name just a few items. And why not? In many cases, they just don’t make things the way they used to.
And when it comes to vintage candy, there’s nothing quite like popping a piece of Bonomo Turkish Taffy into your mouth. That’s right—the same Bonomo Turkish Taffy you enjoyed as a kid is back in all its chewy, mouth-watering splendor!

A Nostalgic Candy That’s Just Like It Used to Be

Ever since the 1930s when the Bonomo family purchased Turkish Chewing Taffy from candy manufacturer H. Schwarz & Sons, the name “Bonomo” has been synonymous with authentic Turkish taffy treats. Since acquiring the brand in 2002, entrepreneurs Kenny Wiesen and Jerry Sweeney have strived to make Bonomo Turkish Taffy a retro candy that’s true to its original form. You’ll enjoy the same unique candy treat that’s hard enough to smack and crack, but soft enough to stretch!

Choose from the Same Great Varieties and Flavors

You probably remember Bonomo Turkish Taffy as coming in bar or bite-size varieties, and that’s still true today. Relive the fun of “smacking and cracking” a bar or simply popping a piece into your mouth to savor the long-lasting, tastebud-tantalizing flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana. From the first taste, you’re sure to experience those sweet childhood memories that only an old-fashioned candy can provide.

Retro Candy Makes the Perfect Gift for Anybody with a Sweet Tooth

Vintage candy like Bonomo Turkish Taffy is a great gift idea. Boxes of bars or bags of bite-size chews are perfect for anybody who enjoys a taste of nostalgic candy now and then, or to give to the grandchildren on any occasion. Novelty items like tins, jars, coffee mugs and t-shirts emblazoned with the Bonomo name and product pictures serve as pleasant reminders of a simpler, carefree time.

Get a Taste of Nostalgia Candy Today!

Take a tasty trip down memory lane by ordering the original Bonomo Turkish Taffy today. Smack it! Crack it! Bonomo’s back! Bonomo Turkish Taffy.
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